Is Politics Killing Your Music Career?

politicsIs Politics Killing Your Music Career?

by:  Lisa A. Leitl

With the recent unfolding of political events across the globe, a question musicians should consider is, “Should I share my political opinions with my Fans?”

The first thing I would ask if I was a musician building a fan base is, “What am I trying to accomplish by sharing this information?”  Are Politics and social views part of the brand I am building?  Be truthful when answering these questions.

Know that you will unlikely change anyone’s opinion about such deep rooted personal topics. You can rule that out as reason number one. You could easily lose current fans or potential fans that have opposing views.  The majority of music fans I see commenting about music said they listen to music to feel better and escape life’s troubles.  This is one of the gifts you are giving to your listeners – the ability to make them happy and forget their daily concerns.  They aren’t coming to you for political discourse.  There are plenty of other places for people to go and satisfy that need.

Now, if your brand is built on controversial political and social views, then I think it is essential to give your audience what is expected from you and your music.  Many great artists have built careers on expressing their political and social views through their music.  This is a very personal calling and one that requires your full commitment to the mission using music as one way of expressing such views.

If building a large fan base is your primary goal and politics isn’t part of your brand, I would encourage you to use the power of silence. Not everything in life needs to be commented on and your opinion matters only to you and people that agree with your particular political or social leanings.

At the end of the day, you get to choose what is in your best interest.  I hope that some of the ideas above will make it easier for you to decide whether or not to participate in such controversial topics in the future.

Lisa A. Leitl,  Musician, Mentor and Songwriter

Create and Live Life Out Loud!

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