How Many “Likes” Do You Have?

How Many “Likes” Do You Have?

by:  Lisa A. Leitllike me

I see a lot of talk lately surrounding how many “likes” or “followers” people have on Social Media. Someone will say “I have 10,000 followers, what about you?”  As if the higher the number the greater the reward.  I would ask them, “Do these followers translate into an income that is sustainable?”  I think a better conversation would be about how much interaction or participation one is getting from all of these unknown followers.

I have been running successful online businesses since the late 90’s and have seen rapid changes how people view the internet with Social Media being at the forefront. There are some that frantically race around adding people to their “followers” list as if that will some how magically translate into receiving money. This is a kin to a dog chasing it’s tail.  We live in an age of technology and connecting online is part of our culture.  This however can not replace taking time to build relationships with those that have given us their permission to communicate with them.

There are millions of people online and everyone is talking at everyone that is talking at someone else.  There are few that are taking time to read, listen and truly engage.  Yes, connections are made, but relationships are getting lost.

There are so many great and talented people that have truly amazing things to offer. Rising above all that noise is where the real challenge begins for everyone, including myself, when creating content online.

Have you ever “liked” a page or followed someone who had a lot of “followers” only to post a comment, ask a question and be totally ignored? How does that make you feel?  For myself, I stop following these types of one sided takers. They are all about the “ME” factor.

The only people that can get away with such dismissive online behavior are celebrities because some hold a strange fascination for them that to this day still eludes me.  When you are someone unknown however, and are requesting someone’s time or permission to connect with them they deserve your respect. You deserve the same respect from them.

Next time you connect with someone, take the time to find out more about them, the real person.   These numbers say absolutely nothing about what anyone produces, the quality of the person and or their work.

It’s too easy to buy “likes” and fish around for a great number of followers.  Building real relationships with people takes time and energy.  I would rather see someone that has 50 followers that are truly engaged with them then someone who has big numbers and is disengaged and disinterested.

Take time to get to know people.  Find out something about them, their dreams, their passions.  Ask if they need any assistance.  If you really want to build something awesome then start by putting others first.

Wishing you the greatest levels of success!

Lisa A. Leitl,  Musician, Mentor and Songwriter

Create and Live Life Out Loud!



One thought on “How Many “Likes” Do You Have?

  1. Fantastic piece, as usual. But I kind of hope people in general remain transfixed by the unimportant, and oblivious to the realities of what “relationships” on social media require of them. 😈 The reason I secretly have that hope, is that I’m afraid if they figure it out, they’ll realize what an amazing friend, and creative partner you are, and I’ll have no shot at actually getting you to sit down and write a dam song!!😜
    Just joking kinda, but I think you are so on point with this post. I’m of the opinion that people have it completely bass-ackwards with regard to networking and social media. It appears that it’s so much easier to connect with the “movers and shakers” than it used to be. In fact, it’s just easier to annoy the hell out of them, and blow any chance of actually having them become a champion of your cause.
    I’ll give you a perfect example of what I am referring to.

    Although every single person on the internet absolutely DETESTS getting spammed with the:

    “Hey person I don’t care about, could you go to my blahblahblah page and like my music, band, my self-conscious girlfriend, and maybe even my Mom? (She’d be so flattered!) Thanks!” messages.

    They never work, and are the virtual equivalent of telemarketers from Bangladesh calling on a weeknight at 10:00 pm. BUT, it’s so much easier to throw your crap on a million walls and cross your fingers, than to actually comment on the person who your trying to connect with’s page, and build an organic, mutually beneficial friendship. Who has time for that?!?!

    In my experience, I’ve never had one person assist me in my musical pursuits, that I hadn’t taken the time to insure that I could bring something of value to the relationship. Key word there, RELATIONSHIP!!!!

    I often like the pages of, and offer advice to, people who have contacted me and showed that they knew a little bit about me, and what I do. It’s the old-fashioned way to network! Because it works!

    Brandon Barnette is a songwriter who hosts a killer podcast called “Left of Nashville.” He had an outstanding episode (actually all of them are outstanding) just last week about this very subject. A quote that came from the podcast has stuck with me, and I’ll end my little rant here with it.😉

    “Your network, is your net worth.”

    Construct it as if your life depends on it. (Because it does)

    Keep up the exceptional output Mrs. Leitl. Preach!

    Todd Dickinson


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