Performance Coaching

Performing at Clermont Music Festival

You LOVE performing arts but maybe you are not sure how to get started?

Need help with your live stage performance?

Feeling that you have hit a wall and not sure how to get your career moving forward?


Whether you are looking for personal ways to effectively engage with your audience or you need fresh ideas for places to bring your next performance.  You have found the right person!

In Lisa’s personal coaching sessions, she will help bring out the very best that you have to offer as a performing artist.  Lisa’s instincts and creativity are what set her work apart, as she is able to draw upon her deep history as a full time professional performer.  Her ability to carefully listen and help you uncover or enhance your unique form of expression on stage is what separates her from others claiming to do similar work.

You don’t have to do it all alone.

Email the address below and Lisa will contact you to schedule your FREE introductory “Get to Know You” session!