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Every performing artist must start somewhere and it can be overwhelming to know what to do first.  Even working professionals come up against challenges and they too will need the guidance of someone who has climbed the mountain before them.

With over two decades of professional performance experience, I know first hand the intense pressure of performing in an arena with 18,000 people and also how to successfully create an intimate show.   I have the necessary experience to help you turn every performance into a huge success.

You don’t have to do it all alone.  Contact me and let’s set a time to talk –


What Others Are Saying

“I strongly recommend any artist looking for answers and mentoring their career to set up a session with Lisa Leitl!  I feel incredibly charged and focused after our 1 hour Skype session.  Thank you so much Lisa, your wisdom and advice is truly gold!!”

James G. Burgio

“Lisa is one of the most compassionate, brilliant music biz minds that I have had the honor of knowing.  If you’re out of ideas, you’re in luck.  I’d bet my life on her…”

Todd Dickinson

“So, I have a dream.  I’ve put it on the side burner for a long time. I thought it was not possible for me but noted there were too many obstacles in my way. It was not necessarily true, but it felt that way and it certainly held me back.  After a healthy Skype session with my “Indie Artist Network  mom”,  Lisa Leitl from Orlando, I finally came to the conclusion that there is no more running away from it!

So here it goes:    I WANNA DO AN ALBUM! A piece of ART! The whole 9 yards!  Thanks to Lisa, I found my courage and have a game plan to move forward with my vision.   Thank you for the bold, daring, straight talk, Lisa, that’s exactly what I needed!”

Irenka Style,  Black Swan World

“Whether you are a working musician attempting to improve the quality of your gigs or someone just thinking about pursuing a career as a musician, there’s something for you.   Lisa gives musicians a sense of what it takes to get there, what the jobs may be like, and specific ideas and actions about how to get started, maintain and improve working as a musician.”

Jon Warcholak

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