Lisa Leitl

Lisa has spent her life as a successful fine artist and has over 20 years of professional vocal and acting experience. She knows first hand the pressure of performing in arenas with over 18,000 people and the unique challenges of creating small intimate shows.

A career that is generally looked upon as risky, financially unrewarding, or impossible, she found herself continually pushing the boundaries of performing arts, taking her career to new levels of financial and personal success.

Today, her music has evolved to include guitar and flute, as well as continuing her academic studies in Music Theory.  As a published songwriter, she is a proud member of ASCAP and is passionate and dedicated to the craft of songwriting.

Lisa’s instincts and creativity as a teaching artist have developed by combining her academic studies and long history as a professional performer.  She has a deep desire to spread her enthusiasm, passion, and dedication to the performing arts with everyone that crosses her path.