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Lisa A. Leitl, was a Contributing Writer for Musicians Unite

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Do This One Thing to Improve Your Gigs!

By:  Lisa A. Leitl

“Video Killed the Radio Star.”  If you remember this song then you will understand how MTV and other such shows changed the way people “see” and listen to music. It has evolved into a visual art………continue reading

Songtown Citizen Post

by:  Lisa A. Leitl  October 25, 2015


“Lisa shared this awesome blog with us this week and we wanted to share it with you!”  Marty Dodson and Clay Mills

Overcoming Resistance
By: Lisa A. Leitl
Everyday, I look into my room – the one where I have my guitars, amplifiers, and my songwriting notebook serving as furniture.   Here is where it…..continue reading



Published in Journal of the South Carolina Kyudo Renmei

The Kyudo Climb

By Lisa Leitl Mon, Apr 01, 2013

 Often we have no idea what is going through another’s mind or the state of their emotions.  Here the author speaks from the heart in telling of her “Kyu-cation”.
Practicing Kyudo, Japanese way of the bow
Practicing Kyudo, Japanese way of the bow

Following Aaron Blackwell Sensei’s lead, we stepped up the wooden stairs into the shajo.  It looked like the training halls I had seen in so many videos, but never before in person.  It was at this time, I was aware of feeling incredibly out of place and unsure of myself.  Tension was the name of the book, and I, its author…..(for full article send request to