Speaking Engagements

“Turning Your Passions into your Life’s Work”
Speaking to middle school students
Speaking to a class

I was invited to speak at a local middle school,  here in Central Florida,  about my life in music and performing arts.   I titled the talk “How to turn your passions into your life’s work.”   It was such an amazing opportunity and it actually changed the direction of my own life.   I have since decided that working as a mentor and actively seeking opportunities to inspire young people to follow their hearts and do work that matters to them is essential to my happiness.

Since then, I have received dozens of thank you notes…..and included in most of these are questions from the students.   I have answered every one of their questions, because it matters, they matter.   Everyone of us makes a difference in the world so, we get to decide everyday what that difference it going to be.   I choose to inspire and motivate people regardless of age.  I encourage everyone to take on their lives and do work that makes them feel alive and then go out and share that aliveness with others.